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Personal Profile

Sala is a practitioner in the social development sector and has worked in the Pacific regional space for 22 years. She currently serves as the Programme Coordinator with the Pacific Community (SPC), Human Rights and Social Development Division, Pacific Women Lead.

She has extensive project management and governance qualifications and experience. Her experience in relationship management, navigating the nuance of the ‘Pacific no’ and Pacific silence’ has produced successful collaborations with government partners, with donors and with civil society organisations in gender equality programming.

She is passionate about creative thinking, creative writing and being in spaces of dialogue and learning on diverse world views. She is also a poetry enthusiast. She is unapologetic about her faith. Her self care is in her personal growth and she is always encouraged about journeying in the community.

Her primary role is fiercely loving and guarding as ‘nau’ to her teenage son, Ihaia Tamani.

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