Identifying Your Sweet Spot

A Reflection by Sala Tupou-Tamani

  • Get into your story!

  • Become highly intentional

  • Start small but believe big

  • Find your why

  • Put others first

  • Add value to others in your sweet spot

The above is the checklist from the John C. Maxwell book, Intentional Living (IL). These are pointers on how to identify, activate and excel in your sweet spot. Identifying your sweet spot is the essence of life. I dare say, you are not fully alive, wholly, and purposefully, if you have not identified or operate from your sweet spot. The sweet spot is a non-negotiable of life. It is the point of difference between doing well and excelling flawlessly. It is so important it has its own chapter in IL. I have observed that the weave through all Mr Maxwell’s influencing books, is operating from your sweet spot.

So, what is the sweet spot? It’s your why? What is your purpose? What were you put here on earth for? What is your unique factor and gift to the world? We all have one, believe it! Our sweet spot is exclusive to each of us, is not always obvious to the naked eye and can be like a lost and found game. It births through a series of deep dive questioning on what makes you tick, what keeps drawing you in. I also heard it described as the intersection between your passion and your purpose! What would you keep doing joyfully well into your sunset days? What fuels your passion? The key is to start asking yourself the questions? Your answer will come!

I love creative writing, I always have. I kept it hidden for a long time because I thought it was a hobby of sorts and was seasonal. However, it has been stubborn and has not faded. It has only grown bolder, with clarity and precision. Writing poetry does for me what a showstopper painting does for its master. It was always my `this is what I am meant to do `aha’ moment’ My ruled page would be my clean, crisp canvas on which I would draw with words. The stringed words were like an island garland, fragrant, popping in color and texture yet harmonized when woven together. And the response to the pieces, whether provoking, comforting, or teleporting, is the rubber stamp, yes, this is my why, this is my gift to the world!

Did I mention I kept my sweet spot hidden? As Pacific Islanders, I think many of us do. We guise it, think it is our vocation or work (not always the case), or are not aware there is such a thing. Or there is so much noise around us, that it drowns out our identifying our sweet spot. The pursuit of our why can be likened to the notes section of an amazing book, it’s at the back end, parked or a postscript. We struggle with limiting beliefs, that we are just not good enough, or we’re not around friends who can cheer us on. These are blockers we need to identify and deal as we start this journey. Make it a point to start the journey of finding your sweet spot and just start! Do it afraid as Mr Maxwell says, do it now. You are ready now; you are not ready in the future. Find someone to cheer you on and journal if that works for you. Do this for you first! Your sweet spot will find you along the journey. As John says, get into your story, not anyone else’s, but your own.

Keeping my sweet spot fueled relied heavily on my being held accountable. The ability to be held responsible for a gift or calling is like the thermometer for me. It ensures I always stay hot, close to my calling and never letting it go cold. I do fluctuate between the hot and cold, as I continue to learn to master my gift, but, understanding the significance of my why and someone nudging me along is key to a steady rather than slippery footing. The person holding me accountable is a living example or on a similar pursuit, otherwise they can’t show the way, they have not walked.

Operating out of your why is about clarity, its about focus, its about truly living exceedingly abundantly! It is not the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, it is the pot of gold paved along the path to the rainbow. Identifying and operating out of your why is strengths based and is the divide between success and significance.

Sala Tupou-Tamani

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