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More Blessed To Give Than To Receive

Day 7 of the Positivity Challenge

When we started the 40-day positivity challenge 7 days ago, our intention was to highlight the good happening in Fiji and to be dealers of hope as Fiji navigates these really difficult times. We wanted to join other wonderful human beings spreading love and positive energy on social media to counter the negative voices that were starting to rise alongside the rising numbers of positive COVID19 cases.

As the days have gone by and we continue to share the efforts of various individuals helping families by providing food rations, cash, milk, diapers and warm clothes for babies and children, our hearts have been challenged to also do a bit more than the occasional donation to the NGO’s.

Today with the help of support from an anonymous donor we were able to do just that and supply food rations to a few single mums and widows along the Suva - Nausori corridor. The member of our team responsible for the distribution spoke of tears of gratitude from those that we were able to assist today with the most moving story of the day coming from a widow who just lost her husband a few months ago, leaving her with 5 children to look after.

She had posted a message on one of the social media platforms this week, looking for work and willing to take on a cleaning job or provide domestic services in exchange for food for her children. We contacted her and showed up at her house today with a small box of supplies. Her response was overwhelming. She grabbed one of her children and shed tears of gratitude as they were down to their last pot of rice. Our team member returned home with mixed emotions - grateful that he was able to be a channel of blessing to this widow and her children but at the same time guilty that he was eating well while so many families are struggling and going without at this time.

The hardship is undeniable, there are thousands who have lost jobs, and who are struggling to provide the basic necessities for their families – but there also is a whole lot of good.

There are people who have a little bit extra who are willing to help others through this time and we are grateful to our donor for their continuous support for the work that we do.

Yesterday we shared a little bit on the Law of Attraction – that you attract what you project – this could not be truer for us today. We have attracted into our reality the same good deeds we have been highlighting for the last 6 days and the fulfilment that comes from it is second to none.

One of the greatest change makers of all time, said, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” And that pretty much sums up our experience as we close out on Day 7 of the Positivity Challenge. We go to bed, fulfilled and blessed to know that we have done a little bit to ease the burden on a few single mums and widows tonight and that is a huge blessing. We’ve got this Team Fiji. Let’s keep doing what we can to help each other get through this.


#Change YourWorld

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