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Personal Profile

Seluvaia Niumataiwalu M.ISRM is a Security, Strategic Risk and Crisis Management specialist who has worked nationally and internationally for the past 15 years in the field of Defense and currently in the United Nations Department of Safety and Security.

Selu holds a BA from the University of the South Pacific (History Politics/Sociology), various military and UN certifications and is a member of the Institute of Strategic Risk Management.

Selu takes special interest in the scale, range and nature of the emergent threats that the world is facing and understanding how we can create safety and security for the organizations we are involved in, as well as for the wider society that we are a part of.

She ascribes to the concept of Kaizen or ‘continuous self-improvement’ in all facets of life and for this year - as she is approaching the significant transition into the fourth decade of life, is particularly focused on her health & wellbeing and further professional development.

Selu is married to Alipate who is also a security specialist with the UN. They share the same passion for a good history documentary, adventure sports and culinary experiences with a great wine pairing. Together they are navigating the blended family life with their five beautiful children – Asher, Abigail, Pesi Mei, Gabriel and Tara.

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