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Bringing Order To Your Thoughts in a Crisis

Day 2 of the 40-day positivity challenge to Change The Narrative

This morning I was listening to a teaching from two of my mentors on Meaning & Purpose quoting from the work of James Allen – “Until thought is linked to purpose, there is no intelligent accomplishment.” Intelligence in this sense is not referring to academic achievement but related to giving birth to new things – in other words, unless thought is linked to purpose there is no giving birth to new things.

This was being discussed within the context of bringing order to ones thoughts, which is difficult to do in the midst of a crisis. In a teaching on Leading Through Crisis – John C Maxwell highlights battling distractions as one of the major considerations for a leader in a crisis. There is so much noise and panic that it has the tendency to pull the leader off track from their purpose and what they have committed themselves to doing and can bring chaos into a leaders thought process.

Order is heaven’s first law – we live in a world that is governed by order – the sun rises every morning and sets at night, the tide comes in and the tide goes out, in perfect sequential order every day. And to bring order to one’s thoughts brings order to all that one does and removes chaos and confusion. And when your thoughts are linked to purpose, there is order in what you do everyday as you bring yourself in alignment with your purpose.

Now imagine the opposite – when a leaders thoughts are not in order, when it is chaotic and not linked to any particular purpose or lacking of a clear vision – it brings about chaos and confusion and this is what is passed on to the people, causing them to make stuff up and fostering fear and uncertainty.

As we come to the end of Day 2 of the 40 day Positivity Challenge – our purpose is to be difference makers, world changers and to encourage you to choose to do the same. Make a commitment to share love and positivity to those in your sphere of influence.

At times like this when there is so much resentment and toxic energy being spread on social media – be a dealer of hope and choose to bring order to your thoughts and pass on positive stories only. In the words of one of my mentors, ‘Where your focus goes, your energy flows.”

Give yourself permission to focus on the good, allow your energy to flow towards the good and watch the good flow back to you.

Until the next reflection, Stay safe and Take Care.


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