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The Law of Attraction

Day 6 of the Positivity Challenge

It’s been encouraging to see the different types of positive stories that have shown up on our social media newsfeed today. Still haven’t quite worked out if there has been an increase in people sharing positive stories or if we are drawing them into our experience because we are looking out for them.

Could possibly have something to do with the Law of Attraction – which says that you attract what you project. So as we choose to believe in the good that people are doing at this time, we anticipate good, we set intentions towards finding the good, we focus on the good, the opportunity to do good or to recognise good shows up, we act and share the good, it fuels the passion to continue to do good and highlight the good and that fuels further belief in good. And so the cycle continues.

The Families helping Families in Fiji Facebook page has been particularly busy today with so many families helping each other out. So comforting to see families reach out to make sure that children get clothes, diapers and food at this time. Fiji Village highlighted a restaurant owner in Walu Bay who set aside $2000 to help 70 families by sending them $30 each and the Fiji Sun has a story of a youth group from Newtown, Nasinu who have been able to help 200 families with food rations from donations and support they have received.

What has been particularly moving is to see how quickly people respond to requests when they go up on these pages, particularly if it’s a parent reaching out on behalf of their children and then to see them share receipts of money received via MPaisa or someone dropping off a box of groceries etc. Heartening to see that there are so many willing to go the extra mile to help out. We truly are stronger together and politicians, anti vaxxers, negative people aside, the love will continue to flow from those who have chosen to focus on doing good at this time.

To everyone out there doing your little bit to help out, thank you. The world is a better place because of you. Let’s keep anticipating good as we close out on Day 6 of the Positivity Challenge. Stay safe and God bless.


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