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What Level of Awareness Are You Operating From?

Day 3 of the Positivity Challenge to Change the Narrative

Have you ever scrolled through your social media newsfeed and been overwhelmed by the level of negativity and resentment that is being shared? So much so that by the time you’ve finished scrolling you feel like you’ve been caught up in a wave of toxic energy that you end up passing on to those around you?

The decision to embark on the 40-day challenge to change the narrative came exactly from this place. It came from

recognising that if we weren’t intentional about throwing some positivity into the social media space, we would not be true to who we are as difference makers and people who claim to be operating from a higher level of awareness.

One of the benefits of being a student of personal development and growth is that it shifts your awareness of the way you see things. And when you understand that there are 7 levels of awareness, you can quickly catch yourself when you’re operating at the lowest levels. As you read on, we would encourage you to do a mental check of what level you are operating on when it comes to how you engage with social media.

Level 1 is the Animal level of awareness where you see everything that is happening in life is happening TO you – It’s what other people have done – It’s what the government has done or not done and at this level its reactive where you know better than everyone and you’re quick to communicate it. It’s call animal level because at this level, your reaction is instinctive, it’s quick and if you’re not careful to catch yourself it’s gone and the damage is done. It's the fight or flight level.

Level 2 is the Mass level of awareness where it’s a follow the crowd mentality, regurgitating what everyone else is saying and blindly following along. At this level you go along to get along. You’re a sheep like follower, doing what everyone else is doing. How many of us are at this level when it comes to the way we engage with social media? It’s been quite interesting to observe this during this crisis – it takes one person to say one thing and those operating at this level jump on the bandwagon very quickly.

Level 3 is the Aspiration level of awareness where you desire to be and do and have more but you don’t take action. So the common narrative here is – “One of these days.” This is a bit like new years resolutions and can be quite deceptive because the intentions are there but nothing is really being done. So your mind tricks you into believing that you will do it one day and you're doing well, even though no action is being taken.

Level 4 is the Individual level of awareness where you are aware of your uniqueness, where you understand who you are and whose you are and at this level you are no longer willing to settle for less than your full potential and you start seeing a different picture of yourself and start to take action towards it – this is where the shifts start to happen, but it doesn’t last without the 5th level of awareness.

Level 5 is Discipline: At this level you are able to give yourself a command and follow through. This is where you start to become consistent with how you engage with social media because you have the discipline to stay away from conversations that are not in alignment with how you intend to express yourself. This level leads nicely to the next level which is;

Experience: At level 6, you have exercised the discipline to learn and live and are now a product of your created results. You are engaging in the experience of what you have set yourself up for - in this case for us it's the 40 day positivity challenge and we are living through the experience daily and writing different pieces every day to contribute to our commitment. Interestingly when we started the challenge, we did not plan on writing a piece daily but this has come into our experience as we have disciplined ourselves to commit to the 40 day challenge.

Level 7 is the level of Mastery. At this level you sense what people need and you show up based on your discipline and experience to deliver results. When you’re operating from this level of awareness you don’t find fault but you take responsibility, you respond versus react. You stop and consider your intentions and thoughts about what you want to create.

For the SALT Team what we intend to create from this 40 day Change the Narrative challenge is a better world. We are part of the global John Maxwell Team and our friend and mentor John C Maxwell believes in transformation. We have put our hands up to join him on the mission to Change the World, one small step at a time, from the islands of Fiji. And what a better place and time to start then right now as Fiji, much like the rest of the world, confronts one of its most challenging seasons ever.

We invite you to join us in this challenge to be a difference maker and let's change the world together by sharing positive stories daily and consistently for the next 37 days.


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